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About Olympic games in general


Olympic games are the leading international sporting event, not between countries, but between sportsmen either in individual or in team disciplines. They gather athletes, who are chosen by their national Olympic committees and whose applications were accepted by the International Olympic committee, or IOC. Together with their sports associations, they compete for the leadership of all international associations. 

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Olympic Games consist of Summer and Winter Olympic games. These take place once in every four years, switching places every two years. The highest body for any issues concerning  the Olympics is IOC.


Historic background


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French pedagogue and humanist Pierre de Coubertin, who was very interested in antique history, came to the idea that the Olympic games should be renewed, so that they could give sports organizational as well as humane content. Thanks to his persistence, Founding congress of International Olympic committee was organised in Paris in 1894, for which Coubertin himself set up the rules. In the great theater on Paris Sorbonne in 1894, 79 delegates and 49 sports associations from 12 countries unanimously accepted the decision to renew Olympic games. 
The primary Congress of the International Olympic committee decided that first renewed Olympic games were to be held in the capital of Greece and cradle of Olympic games, Athens, in 1986. Very first principle of modern Olympic games, established by Pierre Coubertin, was that there should not be any discrimination of the athletes, based on either race, religion, nationality or politics. By renewing Olympic games, besides the competitions, Mr Coubertin wanted to renew the spirit of the grand ceremony as well. That is why, beside the competition of the sportsmen, Swedes introduced competitions of the artists in 1912. This pratice held on for next seven games, and after London games in 1948, it has been cancelled.


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The word Olympiad


Word "Olympiad" stands for a period of four consecutive years, which starts by the opening of the Olympic games and ends at the opening of the following Games. Olympiad stars four years after the previous one begun, no matter if the Games themselves have taken place or not. Olympiads are counted consecutively since the first modern age Olympic games, which were held in Athens in 1896.

Association of National Olympic Committees

Summer 2016

Rio de Janeiro Summer Games August 5, 2016, through August 21, 2016 The first ever Summer…

Winter 2014

Sochi Winter Games February 7, 2014, through February 23, 2014 First Games held in Russia…


In July and August 2013, Russia's new anti-gay bill sparked international protest and outrage. Athletes…

Summer 2012

London Summer Games July 27, 2012, through August 12, 2012 July 27, 2012 Some 80,000…

Winter 2010

Vancouver Winter Games February 12, 2010 through February 28, 2010 On Feb. 12, 2010, shortly before…

Summer 2008

Beijing Summer Games Human rights activists and government officials propose boycotting the 2008 Olympics in…


Controversy continued around Marion Jones, the 2000 Olympic track star, when she announced her retirement from…

Winter 2006

Torino Winter Games The second time that Italy hosts the Olympic Games. The official mascots…


At the 2005 Singapore meeting the IOC decided to eliminate baseball and softball from the…

Summer 2004

Athens Games The Games return to Greece. The Olympic medals get a new design, this time…

Winter 2002

Salt Lake City Winter Games These Games are controversial starting about three years before they…


Jacques Rogge replaces Juan Samaranch as president of the IOC.

Summer 2000

Sidney Games 10,651 athletes (4,069 of them women) from 199 nations participate; the only nation…

Winter 1998

Nagano Winter Games A record 2,177 athletes from 72 countries participate. Snowboarding, curling, and women's…

Summer 1996.

Atlanta Games Muhammad Ali lights the cauldron at the start of the Centennial Games. 179 nations…

Winter 1994

Lillehammer Winter Games These are the only Winter Games to take place two years after…

Summer 1992

Barcelona Games For the first time in decades, every single nation with an Olympic Committee…

Winter 1992

Albertville Winter Games Germany has reunited and the Soviet Union has broken up. In spite…


The IOC votes to disallow unofficial demonstration events at Olympics, starting with the 1996 Games.

Summer 1988

Seoul Summer Games North Korea refuses to participate, and Cuba and Ethopia follow suit in…

Winter 1988

Calgary Winter Games The Winter Games are spread over 16 days for the first time.…


The IOC votes to change the schedule of the Olympics. Starting in 1984, the Summer…

Summer 1984

Los Angeles Summer Games In retaliation for the U.S.-led boycott of 1980, the Soviet Union…

Winter 1984

Sarajevo Winter Games The first to be held in a socialist country. 49 nations attend,…


The IOC votes to allow the Games to be opened up to corporate sponsorship.


Jim Thorpe—whose amateur status was revoked in 1913—is officially pardoned by the IOC, 29 years…


Not long after Juan Samaranch becomes president of the IOC, international sports federations are given the right…

Summer 1980

Moscow Summer Games The first Games to be held in a communist country. Due to…

Winter 1980

lake Placid Winter Games The first to use artificial snow. American Eric Heiden wins all five speed…

Summer 1976

Montreal Summer Games The original estimated cost of the Montreal Games had been $310 million,…

Winter 1976

Innsbruck Winter Games These were originally planned for Denver, but Colorado residents voted against spending…


The word "amateurism" is removed from the Olympic Charter. This has no immediate effect on…

Summer 1972

Munich Summer Games The Olympic Oath is taken by a referee for the first time. Mark Spitz sets…

Winter 1972

Sapporo Winter Games Retiring IOC president Avery Brundage threatens to disqualify 40 Alpine skiers for taking money…

Summer 1968

Mexico City Summer Games These Games are controversially held at the highest altitude ever: 7,349 feet.…

Winter 1968

Grenoble Winter Games East and West Germany compete on separate teams for the first time.…

Summer 1964

Tokyo Summer Games Japan spends about $3 billion to rebuild Tokyo for the Olympics, revitalizing…

Winter 1964

Innsbruck Winter Games Unfavorable weather conditions require the Austrian army to carry ice and snow…

Summer 1960

Rome Summer Games The first Summer Games covered by television worldwide. A record 5,348 athletes…

Winter 1960

Squaw Valley Winter Games The only Winter Games ever not to include bobsledding, as the…

Summer 1956

Melbourne Summer Games As quarantine laws don't allow the entry of foreign horses, equestrian events…

Winter 1956

Cortina d'Ampezzo Winter Games The Soviets break Canada's gold-medal monopoly in ice hockey, and win…

Summer 1952

Helsinki Summer Games Russian athletes participate for the first time in forty years. Soviet Maria Gorokhovskaya—unhindered…

Winter 1952

Oslo Winter Games The Olympic torch is lit in the fireplace of skiing pioneer Sondre Norheim, and relayed…

Summer 1948

London Games The first Games to be shown on home television. Germany and Japan aren't…

Winter 1948

St. Moritz Winter Games Held for a second time in St. Moritz, Switzerland, as that…

1940, 1944

Games called off due to World War II.

Summer 1936

Berlin Games The first-ever relay of the Olympic torch. The Games are the first to be televised,…

Winter 1936

Garmish-Partenkirchen Winter Games Alpine skiing events are held for the first time, but ski instructors are…

Summer 1932

Los Angeles Games Paavo Nurmi is barred from the Los Angeles Games, on grounds that,…

Winter 1932

Lake Placid Winter Games Canada continues to be undefeated in hockey, taking home the gold…


The Federation Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) holds soccer's first World Cup tournament in Montevideo, Uruguay,…

Summer 1928

Amsterdam Games The Olympic flame is introduced. Germany returns. Paavo Nurmi picks up three more medals, including one…

Winter 1928

St. Moritz Winter Games The Winter Games are plagued with warm weather, slowing some events…


The IOC explains that "An amateur is one who devotes himself to sport for sport's…

Summer 1924

Paris Games Originally planned to take place in Amsterdam, the Games are moved to Paris…

Winter 1924.

Chamonix Winter Games The "International Winter Sports Week" takes place in Chamonix, and is dominated…


Antwerp Games The Olympic flag is introduced, as is the Olympic oath. Germany, Austria, Bulgaria,…


Games cancelled due to World War I.


Jim Thorpe's medals are taken away, when it is discovered that he was paid $25…


Stockholm Games Jim Thorpe American Jim Thorpe dominates the Games, taking the gold in the…


London Games Vesuvius_Erupts The 1906 eruption of Mt. Vesuvius requires the Games to move from…


Intercalated Games The first, last, and only Intercalated Games are held in Athens, as the…


St. Louis Games Frederick-Lorz Only 13 countries show up. Fred Lorz rides in a car…


Paris Games The second modern Games are overshadowed by, and incorporated into, the Paris Exposition.…


Athens Games The first modern Olympic Games. 14 countries are represented by about 245 men,…


At the urging of Baron Pierre de Coubertin, the International Olympic Committee (IOC) is founded. At…

A.D. 394

Roman Emperor Theodosius I abolishes the Games, as part of a series of reforms against…

Before 776 B.C.

Ancient Greece Athletic contests are held at Olympia every four years, between August 6 and…
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